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The most common mistakes and faults in the photovoltaic systems

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See common mistakes in the photovoltaic systems

Mistakes and faults in photovoltaic systems can result from improper installation, poorly executed assembly, substandard quality of components and protection devices. Installers often use inadequate lightning and overvoltage protection. Properly installed PV systems are more efficient and they have a longer lifespan.

Common mistakes in the PV installation are:

Improper transportation

Improper transportation and careless handling of the PV panels, such as dropping the module, hitting it with a tool, walking on the panels, damaging the frame or scratching the front glass layer.

Improper mounting

Mounting that is not in compliance with the instructions or designated mounting practice, such as: over-tightening screws, using the wrong panel mounting system, combining original plugs with generic substitutes, or poor cable management.

Incorrect design

Incorrect energy estimation of the system


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