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Most common errors and faults in photovoltaic installations

Errors and faults in photovoltaic installations can result from incorrect installation, quality of workmanship, components or protection of the photovoltaic system. The most common faults resulting from protection are inadequate lightning and overvoltage protection. Installation of pv systems is the most decisive step that can determine their performance and lifetime.

– improper transport and lack of care when handling pv panels, e.g. falling down the module, hitting the tool, walking on the panels, damaging the frame or scratching the windscreen.

– installation not in accordance with the instructions or good installation practice, e.g.: too tightening screws, using the wrong fixing system, combining original plugs with replacements or badly routed cables.

Other panel faults are:

– windscreen breakage – causes corrosion of the system, which causes a decrease in performance

– Path worms – often occur due to poor installation in poor quality panels. Path worms are micro cracks and discoloration of the silver paste on the front of the busbar, the change of color does not harm, but micro cracks affect the installation performance

– PID – it results from the fact that the current escapes to ground the frame, which causes, among others, destruction of the cells

– LID – short term degradation of the solar radiation that falls on the panel, this defect affects the performance of the pv module

– Hotspots – places with higher resistance in cells, which are also characterized by higher temperatures, pose a risk of fire

– defective film or peeling of the film

The above mentioned defects of photovoltaic panels are mainly due to the low quality of the products themselves. Therefore, when planning a pv installation, do not suggest the price, but choose high quality products from renowned panel manufacturers, such as Solar Bruk Bet. Installation of photovoltaic panels is an investment for years.

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