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How to prepare for the installation of a photovoltaic inverter?

The solar inverter is an electrical device, working in a continuous mode. Its installation and connection to the system requires safety measures such as those for the installation of electrical devices.  Two people are needed to install the solar inverter.

After unpacking the unit, check the unit for completeness of all its mounting elements and check whether any of them are damaged.

2. before installing the solar inverter, read all instructions and warnings on the description plates on the inverter and the relevant sections of the operating instructions for the appliance.

3. select a location for installing the photovoltaic inverter. The installation site must meet the following requirements:

  • The solar inverter must not be installed in the vicinity of flammable construction materials or in areas where people live – the solar inverter can make a sound.
  • Mounting on a hard surface in a vertical position.
  • The room must be dry, without excessive dust (pollution degree PD2), with an adequate airflow.
  • The solar inverter is only installed indoors (IP class 20)
  • In order to ensure optimal operation of the device, the ambient temperature should be between 0°C and 40°C, the relative humidity should be 5% – 85%.
  • Integrinal inverter components (fan, AC, DC switches) must be available. In addition, the cooling part should be uncovered.

4. make sure that the unit is switched off before starting assembly. The AC switch and DC switch should be in the off position. When connecting the inverter to the network, remember to turn off the power. Also make sure that we have the right cables to connect to the mains.

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