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How to choose the power of a photovoltaic system for your home?

When choosing the installation capacity for your home, the most important aspect is to determine the amount of KWh of electricity consumed per year. This parameter is mainly used to determine the PV installation capacity. For this purpose, we use the electricity bills from the entire last year.

In case when in the last quarter of last year there was an investment in our house, which could affect the electricity consumption, it is worth to consider the bills for the last 3 months or for the period after the completion of the investment. At this stage we also take into account the possible increase in electricity demand in the house.

Discounts must also be taken into account when billing electricity to prosumers by the utility. According to the discount rules for installations up to 10 kWp per 1 kWh put into the grid, the prosumer can take 0.8 kWh of electricity from the utility. In the case of installations of 10 to 50 kWp: 1 KWh into the grid equals 0.7 kWh taken from the grid.

On the basis of the calculation, we have a pre-defined energy demand of our household and the installation power of photovoltaic panels. To accurately determine the connection capacity of the PV system, you should consult an authorised photovoltaic company such as Bruk-Bet Solar.

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