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Subsidy for photovoltaics – what can you use?

Funding for photovoltaics – what can you use?

Already at the stage of designing a photovoltaic installation the question of financial support arises. Currently, you can take advantage of government grants and Regional Operational Programmes. Municipalities also offer financial resources which are allocated to the elimination of greenhouse gases in a given area.

Grants and discounts for photovoltaics:

  • My Current – PLN 5,000 installation subsidies
    For whom: individuals
    Conclusions: National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
  • Clean air – grant or loan for micro photovoltaic installations

For whom: individuals
Conclusions: Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

  • Thermo-insulation relief – tax deduction of costs of materials and installation of photovoltaic system
    For whom: the owner of a single-family residential building
    Deduction in the tax year statement
  • Republications of Regional Operational Programmes (ROPs)
    The ROP programme assumptions may differ from one voivodeship to another and not all of them provide for a RES grant. Therefore, it is worth checking whether a given voivodeship, within the framework of EU funds, provides for co-financing of such an investment both for companies, farms and individual investors. Subsidy programmes are implemented in the form of competitions announced within a specified period. Check the schedule of competitions on the BIP website in the given Voivodship Office.
  • Municipal donations
    The funding applies to regions covered by the greenhouse gas eradication programme. Not every municipality participates in the scheme. The scheme provides funding for installations producing energy and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. They also include photovoltaic devices. There is no fixed amount of funding and it results from the strategy of ecological activities conducted in a given municipality.

Note: some grants are not connected – e.g. the “My Current” Program excludes the possibility of taking additional funding from the municipality.

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