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How do I help my client get My Current?

The “My Current” programme is dedicated to individual customers who have financed the investment after 23 July 2019 (date of announcement of the programme). The program covers installations from 2 KWp-10 KWp.

The amount of the subsidy is PLN 5000 and may not be higher than 50% of the eligible costs. Therefore, the value of the installation must be at least PLN 10,000.

To receive a grant, the client must:

– notify installations to the DSO (distribution network operator). The certificate issued by the energy operator is a document confirming the functioning of the installation.

– Copies of invoices for the delivery and installation of a photovoltaic installation with the annotation “Notified to Priority Programme My Current”.

– The customer pays for the installation. The document confirming the payment is a key element of receiving the subsidy. The confirmation document is the customer’s declaration of payment or proof of payment of the invoice, e.g. transfer.

– signing of the TYPE clause by the customer

– The client downloads the application from the NFOŚiGW website, fills it in with a black or blue pen, in capital letters. The application can also be filled in by computer, downloading the file in Excel. The application must be signed by the customer by hand.

What documents should be submitted:

– Conclusion;
– 4 annexes of annotated copies of invoices: Notified to the “My Current” programme;
– transfer confirmation or customer’s declaration of payment;
– certificate of notification of the installation to the DSO with the stamp of the power operator – original;
– TYPE clause – original with the customer’s handwritten signature

Complete documents are submitted in person, by post or courier to NFOŚiGW in an envelope with an annotation: “Priority program My Current”.

It is possible to submit the application electronically. For this purpose, you must have a trusted profile or e-certificate with an NFC reader connected to a computer.

Applications can be submitted from 13 January 2020, the date of receipt at the Ministry’s office counts.

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