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Strona główna » How does the quality of a photovoltaic system affect its efficiency?

How does the quality of a photovoltaic system affect its efficiency?

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Principles of implementing an efficient photovoltaic installation

How to monitor the efficiency of the panels?

A photovoltaic system is supposed to work efficiently for about 25-30 years. Will this prove true for your system? It largely depends on the quality of the components used, the design, but also on the installation itself. Poorly mounted modules, incorrectly selected devices or poorly connected elements of the photovoltaic system can not only reduce the efficiency, but even cause damage to the system. This also means the need for frequent servicing.

Mistakes made by photovoltaic installers

Common mistakes made by installers include choosing the wrong structural system, underestimating the power of the inverter, lack of protective features and wrong angle of PV modules installation.

Certificates and quality marks

As an installer you must also pay attention to whether the devices have the appropriate certificates and quality marks. Don’t jeopardise your health! Inadequate preparation, lack of health and safety knowledge can lead to injuries!


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