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Authorised Huawei Distributor in Poland

We are an authorised distributor of Huawei photovoltaics products – single and three-phase inverters, energy storage, optimisers and accessories.

We offer the full range of currently available solutions from the world’s leading provider of information technology, communication and smart device solutions. At the same time, Bruk-Bet PV provides full technical support for Huawei inverters and energy storage, as well as training support by providing, among other things, courses on becoming a Huawei Certified Installer.


Bruk-Bet PV – as one of the few distributors for the European market, we are proud to inform we were awarded the Gold Partner Smart PV status by Huawei. This status confirms high level of product knowledge as well as exemplary standards of customer service and a wide range of joint achievements.

HUAWEI INVERTERS for residential, commercial and industrial use

2-6 kW

L1 series single-phase inverters 2-6 kW are ideal for smaller systems

3-10 kW

Three-phase inverters 3-10 kW M0, M1 and M2 series will provide safety and convenience for home systems

12-100 kW

Three-phase inverters 12-100 kW M0 and M2 series are ideal for offices, stores and public institutions

From 100 kW

High-power three-phase inverters 100 kW and higher for industrial solutions will not only ensure safety, but also high yields. SUN2000-100KTL-M1 inverters have up to 10 MPP trackers with single-string management capability

Huawei's innovative solutions for photovoltaics

Solutions designed to protect photovoltaic modules from PID

No fuses required – reducing the risk of fire and rapid wear of parts

Maintenance-free inverter

System and yield monitoring with the FusionSolar app

Inverters compatible with the LUNA2000 smart energy bank – increase autoconsumption with energy storage!


Active arc protection in Huawei inverters - AFCI

Full optimisation of photovoltaic system

Huawei inverters can locate the electric arc and trace it to a given string, by extending the installation with Huawei optimisers – the accuracy is increased to a single module!

Use Huawei optimisers and recover up to 30% more energy! Install optimisers in shaded areas and ensure maximum operation of each module. Equip the entire system with optimisers – increase safety and monitor the status of each photovoltaic module.


the electrical arc at single module level


power of the system based on different module types


of the installation and yields


in bypass mode or operating mode

Huawei accesories in our offer

Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE

Allows communication via WLAN and Fast Ethernet network

Supports up to 10 devices

Smart Dongle-4G

2G, 3G, 4G communication

Supports up to 10 devices

SmartLogger 3000A

Monitoring and management of photovoltaic system operation

Supports up to 80 or up to 150 inverters

DTSU 666-H meter

Energy-saving smart power meter with a display


As an Authorised Distributor and Gold Partner of Huawei, we organise numerous face-to-face courses and free webinars related to solutions from Huawei for photovoltaics. The Polish Photovoltaic Academy (Polska Akademia Fotowoltaiczna) offers the following training courses:

Huawei Certified Installer

Huawei LUNA smart energy storage – installation, configuration, service

Huawei optimisers in practice PRO