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EVOLTON — carports and photovoltaic benches

Introduce state-of-the-art photovoltaic carports to your product range. The solutions from the tech company Evolton allow for flexible expansion of carports to include multiple parking spaces, while maintaining attractive appearance and practicality. The offer also presents leisure solar benches with charging capabilities.


A carport with photovoltaic modules that allows for easy scaling and expansion with additional spaces. High quality components and resistance to wind and snow load. They can also be used as roofing for bicycles, motorcycles or as a cover for a small swimming pool.

Single carport Z1

CONSTRUCTION for the modules of 1680×996 mm to 2100×1040 mm

Double carport Z2

CONSTRUCTION for the modules of 680×996 mm to 2100×1040 mm

Single carport LONG

CONSTRUCTION for the modules of 2100×1040 mm to 2256×1133 mm


This modern relaxation place at your home or business allows you to:

  • charge mobile devices
  • use its built-in audio system
  • add LED lights

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