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ALPHA INNOTEC – high efficiency heat pumps with the R290 refrigerant (propane)

The high quality alpha innotec air/water heat pumps are highly efficient and resistant to weather conditions, silent, easy to install and have a dedicated repair service and long-term warranty. The units are suitable for new and modernised installations. They can be installed in a cascade with up to four units. The manufacturer offers additional high quality components.



The first launch with the alpha innotec authorised service

Get warranty security and operational reliability for years. The alpha innotec authorised service will confirm proper installation and provide a set of documents for both the installer and the end customer. Free alpha web and alpha control services enable online remote management of the system from anywhere in the world.

Natural refrigerant R290

The operation of alpha innotec heat pumps is based on natural refrigerant R290, propane. This solution ensures high COP and SCOP, maintaining power and high flow temperatures. This natural and environmentally friendly refrigerant is also not subject to F-gas regulations.

We are the first company with which the official representative of the manufacturer in Poland, Hydro-Tech Konin, has started cooperation in the distribution of alpha innotec products.

Heat pump with a hydraulic module:

  • integrated controller
  • electric heater (6 kW)
  • upper source electronic circulation pump
  • energy meter
  • comfort plate
  • safety group
  • equalising vessel (12 litres)
  • shut-off valves

Heat pump with a hydraulic tower:

  • luxtronik 2.0 controller
  • hot water storage tank 180 L
  • 60 L row buffer tank
  • energy-saving circulation pump
  • energy meter (via pressure sensors)
  • 6 kW heater for central heating and hot water
  • excess flow valve
  • swathing valve for central heating / hot water
  • 12 L expansion vessel
  • service flange (additional heater for hot water mode)
  • external sensor
  • upper source safety group

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